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Leather Repairs

Emmiera Group is the UK's & Ireland's leading leather repairs specialist, our services are offered to both private and business customers across the UK & Ireland. A lot of common issues with leather furniture stems from spills such as drinks and food staining the leather, or in worse scenarios tears and rips.

All our technicians are fully trained to repair leather and can offer onsite repairs for colouring and even re-covering damaged furniture as well as offering expert advice for maintaining furniture in the future.

All leather repairs are offered to both private customers and clients and all of Emmiera Group will be completed onsite on the first visit with very few needing a return visit or needing to be uplifted to our workshop. When uplifted back to our workshop, we have a fully trained upholstery department dedicated to colour matching and repairing any damage.

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Furniture technician re-covering a stool seat with a new blue leather cover

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If your customers are unhappy with their leather that is on their furniture, Emmiera Group will send out a furniture technician to repair their faults within 5 working days. Saving you a replacement and keeping your customers happy.


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Has the leather worn away on your furniture? Emmiera Group are available for any type of repair or re-cover. Almost all repairs can be carried out on site in the comfort of your home. We will only uplift your furniture as a final option. When the repairs are all done, you'll even get a full report detailing what we did and images of the process


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Emmiera Group can even repair recliner chairs too. Regardless of the furniture, Emmiera Group offers full leather repairs on site across all of the UK & Ireland.

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