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Chest and drawers for bedroom

Commode, from the French “Commode”, which means “convenient”. The name itself underlines the most important functionality of this furniture. The bedroom chests of drawers are a complement to the set … Read More

New York style in the apartment and house

New York style is mainly associated with space, comfort and eclecticism. New York interiors cleverly combine manifestations of multiculturalism, chic, as well as great freedom of arrangement. Interiors in New … Read More

How to choose the dining room chairs?

Choosing dining room chairs is not easy. Chairs determine the comfort and convenience of the seated person, but they also give the interior character. When choosing chairs for your home, … Read More

How to maintain wooden furniture?

In interior design, wooden furniture is not without reason a valued and elegant feature. Their texture, grain, scent and colouring make the apartment radiate warmth. Natural, timeless, it looks great … Read More

What material of table to choose?

The right worktop material is the most important criterion, affecting the durability of the table, but also the price. It is worth knowing the differences between individual materials before making … Read More