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Chest and drawers for bedroom

Commode, from the French “Commode”, which means “convenient”. The name itself underlines the most important functionality of this furniture. The bedroom chests of drawers are a complement to the set of bedroom furniture. The use of the chest of drawers in the interior allows for efficient ordering of underwear. The chests of drawers will successfully replace an RTV cabinet and allow you to place a TV set at an appropriate height, to watch, from the perspective of the bed to the bedroom. Thanks to their size, the chests of drawers will fit into any interior design and will enjoy their use every day. The top of the chest of drawers, apart from the place for a TV set, gives the possibility to expose frames with photos, family memorabilia and many other valuable items. The purchase of the chest of drawers for the bedroom will allow you to enjoy a tidy space at any time of the year.

Among the bedroom chests of drawers we can find:

  • chests of drawers with LED lighting, RGB: Colorful lighting is a designer’s addition to the furniture, which gives a friendly atmosphere, especially after dark. By illuminating the room with LED or RGB light, we save on bills, because it is a cheap form of lighting – more about saving RGB LED light, you will read in our article “Modern LED lighting”. Using this form of light, we create a romantic atmosphere in the interior, which promotes well-being and helps to relax after a hard day’s work.
  • Chests of drawers with glass: the glass in the chest of drawers serves as an element of decoration. The front fronts of the chest of drawers create an interesting arrangement, while the glass shelves add an impression of lightness. The glass is often made of tempered glass, so it increases resistance to scratches and possible damage resulting from everyday use.
  • chests of drawers: Drawers have gained a great reputation for their large segregation area. Each drawer as a separate element is designed to segregate different types of clothing. The use of the chest of drawers will ensure quick and efficient movement around the interior.
  • chests of drawers and cabinets: The combination of cabinets and drawers allows for maximum use of space in the chest of drawers. Both drawers and cabinets will find their permanent place for everyday items.