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How to choose bedside lockers for your bed?

Bedside lockers, like the bed, are an integral part of bedroom furniture. Regardless of the size of our bedroom, everyone needs a place to put a book or a phone, a box of tissues or a glass of water. How to choose bedside tables so that they fit perfectly in the bed and meet our needs?


Before you make any decisions, you should think about how the bedside cabinet should be constructed. Is the tabletop enough, or do you also need drawers and a shelf? Also pay attention to the height of the piece of furniture – it should be matched to the height of your bed. It’s important for comfort and it’s also important if you want to put a lamp on top of your bedside table. If it’s too low, the light won’t go where it’s supposed to, for example on the book or newspaper you’re reading.


The cabinets you choose should match the style of your bedroom and the material of your bed. If you prefer a minimalist style, choose a piece of furniture with a simple shape, preferably without handles and opened with a “push to open” system. A simple shelf, suspended at a height slightly above the bed frame, can also serve as a bedside locker. Scandinavian style requires you to choose an uncomplicated cabinet, preferably made of wood or covered with natural veneer in a light shade of wood.

Provencal or romantic arrangements call for cabinets with a sleek, delicate shape. Slender legs will be necessary in this case, which will add lightness to the furniture. Colour – white or pastel, or possibly shades of grey. The complete opposite of furniture elements in the Provence style will be bedside tables in loft character. Simple, raw design, dark colours, use of metal details or massive wooden inserts, surfaces imitating concrete – these are the characteristics of cabinets ideal for the style evoking associations with industrial spaces.

In the whole range of bedside lockers we will also find such, in the construction of which non-standard solutions have been applied. Cabinets on wheels can be easily moved from place to place, depending on how comfortable you are at the moment. Some cabinets are combined with an additional shelf, attached to the back panel, above the top. There are also models with integrated lighting, which helps to create a unique mood in the bedroom. Furniture manufacturers are still trying to meet the needs of the client and propose more and more interesting models of bedside cabinets.

Definitely the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom is the bed. While decorating your bedroom it is worth to think about other elements of furniture, especially about bedside lockers, thanks to which you will have basic necessities at hand, which will increase the comfort of your rest. With many different models of bedside cabinets to choose from, you’re sure to find one that meets your expectations in the best possible way.