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How to choose the dining room chairs?

Choosing dining room chairs is not easy. Chairs determine the comfort and convenience of the seated person, but they also give the interior character. When choosing chairs for your home, you must consider:

  • How many people will sit at the table – as a rule, 1 chair occupies 60 cm of space. People with a small apartment can buy several folding chairs and use them only when necessary.
  • Adjust the height of the seat to the height of the tabletop. The ideal sitting height in relation to the floor is 45 – 49 cm. There should be a 30 cm gap between the chair with the edge of the table so that the seated person can move his legs freely and comfortably rest his hands on the table top.
  • The height of the chairs also determines the comfort of sitting. It should allow for a free backrest. It is assumed that the backrest should not be more than 20 cm above the table top – this may overwhelm the interior.
  • Do you like chairs with armrests? See if you can slide them completely under the table top.
  • Another important element is to choose the type of material. Wood, fabric, leather or plastic? The type of finishing of chairs has a very big influence on the interior. Adjust the model to the room where they will stand – will it be a kitchen in a separate room or a dining room connected to the living room? Upholstered furniture gets dirty and needs frequent refreshing. Choose a stain-resistant, easy to clean and resistant to mechanical damage. Those who prefer classic interiors will probably choose leather chairs that are easy to maintain. Modern interiors – popular in recent years, wooden or plastic.

The choice of chairs in shops is huge. Chairs can decide on the style of the room. Those who prefer traditional solutions will probably be tempted by a set purchased from the same collection as the table. To add individual character to your dining room, let’s decide to mix chairs in different styles. This used to be unthinkable in the past, but today combining different types of patterns or colours is welcome.

A table with a simple, geometric form can be easily combined with chairs of various forms and colours.

In case of a large, heavy table we can give it lightness with openwork or minimalist chairs.

The ideal chair is what? Ergonomic, stable and designer – if you have the opportunity, try sit on it before buying! Let’s remember about comfort.