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How to maintain wooden furniture?

In interior design, wooden furniture is not without reason a valued and elegant feature. Their texture, grain, scent and colouring make the apartment radiate warmth. Natural, timeless, it looks great regardless of the size of the room or style in which it is arranged.

How to clean wooden furniture? The matter seems quite simple, after all, there are many wood furniture care products on the market. Which one to choose? How to take care not to harm them? A lot depends on what coating has been used to protect the wood. Remember that if you buy a piece of furniture that is not terrace or garden furniture, it is not suitable for outdoor exposure. For “outdoor” furniture, completely different types of wood preservative are used.

Furniture finished by oiling or varnishing, intended for home use, should be cleaned with a gently moistened, soft cloth. Spilled drinks should be wiped dry, wooden surfaces must not be dried with hot air. It is important that wooden furniture should not be placed in close proximity to a radiator, oven, fireplace or draughts corner. The surface on which the furniture should be placed should be even to prevent deformation. The optimum indoor air humidity should be between 50-65% and 20°C ±5°C. Always be careful – that is why we recommend using insulating pads on a daily basis and avoiding contact of the furniture with hot and sharp objects. Under no circumstances use cleaning agents with silicone, solvent or alcohol derivatives.

Maintenance of lacquered surfaces

Top lacquering provides excellent protection for wood. Keeping lacquered surfaces clean is not a difficult task. The collected dust can be removed with a soft, dry cloth.

Properly used and maintained lacquered solid wood worktops do not need to be replaced, so lacquered worktops retain their beautiful appearance for a long time.

Maintenance of oiled surfaces

Oiled tops are cleaned with a dry or slightly moistened soft cloth. You should make sure that it is moist, but not wet. It is also worth remembering to clean oiled furniture according to the arrangement of the jars. Solid wood tops finished with oil have to be oiled again from time to time. This will make them look like new.

How often should I oil my worktop? Depending on the frequency of use 2-3 times a year (on both sides of the countertop).