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How to match lighting to the apartment?

Skillful selection of lighting to the character of the room can change its character, affects our everyday mood and promotes relaxation. Lighting in a flat has many functions: from utility to decorative.

What to remember when choosing lighting for interiors?

Modern lighting has an impact on the arrangement of the entire interior, allows to discreetly divert the guests’ eyes from the design imperfections and at the same time emphasizes the attractive qualities of the room. Don’t you know how to match the lighting to the apartment? If you choose a lamp for your kitchen, pay attention to the diameter of the shade.

A good point of reference is to check if the table top is more than 1.5 metres high. If so, there will be suitable lamps with a 50 cm lamp shade diameter in such kitchens. Another aspect you need to pay attention to is the distance of your lamp from the table top. Lamps over a table with a diameter of less than 50 cm must have a distance of 50-60 cm from the worktop. However, much larger lamps are best installed up to 90 cm above the kitchen worktop.

How to properly match the lighting to the style of the interior?

Don’t you know what kind of lighting is right for your kitchen? Pay special attention to your worktop. It’s a place that should be well lit because this is where we spend most of our time. Preparing meals, cakes, slicing vegetables and many other products requires precise illumination of a particular part of the kitchen.

What is the second place that requires good directional lighting? This is obviously the dining room table. Are you wondering what lamp over the table will be suitable for your apartment? If you have a modern interior, a black ceiling lamp with 3 tubes from Pastelo series will be a good choice for your kitchen.

Too big a lamp over the kitchen table can overwhelm the space, so it’s important to keep the balance between table dimensions and lamp size. The original Leonard series hanging lamp with a round lamp shade is a very good way to light up the space, which fits into modern kitchens decorated in Scandinavian, industrial and minimalist style.