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New York style in the apartment and house

New York style is mainly associated with space, comfort and eclecticism. New York interiors cleverly combine manifestations of multiculturalism, chic, as well as great freedom of arrangement.

Interiors in New York style

New York style interiors are characterized primarily by considerable spaciousness, a large amount of light, as well as the domination of bright and subdued wall colors. Sometimes white or beige walls are complemented with more expressive wallpaper inserts with strong patterns and intense colours. Often they are accompanied by English style accessories and a whole mass of stuccowork – decorative mirrors, richly decorated slats or furniture of subtle design.

New York style apartment

New York style living focuses on natural materials. The floors are usually made of parquet, natural boards or panels. Another way to arrange the flooring is with dense carpets or rugs of geometric design.

High comfort inscribed in New York style is combined with intensive references to French and English classics. For this reason, the New York style house is made of high quality materials and is arranged in a way that allows for elegance, aesthetics and prestige.