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What material of table to choose?

The right worktop material is the most important criterion, affecting the durability of the table, but also the price. It is worth knowing the differences between individual materials before making a decision. You can choose: wooden, laminated, glass and plastic tops.

Laminated table

A table with a laminated top is a popular option. MDF or chipboard covered with laminate is much cheaper than solid wood worktops. It is used to produce table tops of medium durability, but resistant to stains. They are lightweight and thus easy to carry. They are produced on a mass scale and are currently not a choice for those looking for quality and uniqueness.

Glass table

The glass top can be transparent or matt. It is important that it is thick and made of tempered glass. It is fashionable and easily accessible – often chosen for modern interiors. However, you can see the smallest amount of dirt on it. The advantage is the ease of cleaning. Cold in everyday use.

Wooden table

Wooden worktop is my favourite. It is the most durable natural material resistant to aging. Solid wood table is a guarantee of solidity and elegance. Solid, massive – it is not easy to move it. It is a timeless design for demanding people. The strength of the table top depends on the type of wood. Tables with oak, beech and ash tops are very durable. Wood is also a material that requires proper care, but is captivating with its unique grain and warmth to the touch.

The next step after selecting the table is to choose the right chairs. The chair is no longer just a comfortable place to sit. At the same time, it serves as a decoration giving an amazing character to the kitchen or dining room. The chair’s seat should be 30 cm below the table top so that a person sitting on it can put their hands on the table top and move their legs freely.

Looking for the perfect dining room table we should analyse many factors to choose the one we dream of. The choice may not be easy, but it is certainly worth spending more time on it. Remember that the table at which all the loved ones sit is the heart of every house.