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What table to choose for the dining room?

The dining room is a place of everyday meetings – this is where the life of the household members takes place. The central place of the dining room is invariably a table, which serves not only for dining. We spend time with family and friends, we make plans, we devote ourselves to work. So how to choose the perfect dining room table?
The table should not only be nice, but above all durable, functional and proportional to the room. Therefore, let’s choose it carefully, because the comfort and pleasure of using it will depend on it.

What kind of table shape should I choose?

A round dining room table

In small flats, a round table, which optically enlarges the interior, will surely work perfectly. It looks good in the middle of the room, but worse at the wall or in a corner. An indispensable advantage of a round table is the equality of all the guests sitting at it, because everyone has the same space and orientation towards their companions. It has no sharp edges, is comfortable to walk around and safe for children – these are certainly its main advantages. Undoubtedly, it will work less well as a table for work, especially with a computer.

Rectangular dining room table

A rectangular table can be found in a spacious kitchen or dining room, as well as in smaller rooms. The rectangular table is extremely comfortable. Depending on its size, it can play the main violin in the dining area of a large living room and as an addition to the living room with an annex. A rectangular table always looks good – in the middle of the dining room, against the wall. It is primarily a comfortable piece of furniture for work and meal preparation. Properly selected size will ensure comfort and convenience for all people sitting at it.

Currently, the most popular real estate on the market are apartments of 40 to 50 m2. The small size of the rooms makes the owners save space occupied by the table. That is why folding tables are the most universal and most willingly bought. Thanks to an additional insert, the length of their top can be adjusted to the number of users and changed according to needs.