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Which corner sofa for the living room to choose? Practical guide

Before making a purchase you need to think about your needs and requirements. The size of your living room and the amount of space available for a corner sofa is important. It is also important to consider whether you want to use the corner sofa as a lounge piece only or also as a bed for everyday sleeping.

  • How can you tell a left-hand corner from a right-hand corner?
  • Corner unit dimensions: L-shaped or U-shaped? 
  • What dimensions should I pay attention to? 
  • Sleeping function in living room corners
  • How to adjust the size of the corner sofa to the size of the living room
  • Living room corner sofas – what style?
  • Curtain fabric for a corner sofa

How can I distinguish a left-hand corner from a right-hand corner?

In manufacturers’ offers you can find two types of corners – left and right. To tell them apart just stand facing the corner and check on which side there is its elongated part, called a chaise longue. The right-hand corner will have the chaise longue on the right and the left-hand corner on the left. For U-shaped corners, the way to distinguish is exactly the same, except that the location of the longer chaise longue must be taken into account.

Corner dimensions: L-shaped or U-shaped? 

As well as dividing corners into left and right, there is also a distinction based on shape. You can choose an L-shaped or U-shaped corner. The ideal corner is dimensioned to suit the size of the living room and the needs of its users, while at the same time being versatile enough to ensure comfort for guests as well. The dimensions of U-shaped corners are usually larger than those of L-shaped corners, which is why the former are usually found in large and spacious living rooms, while the latter are used in smaller living rooms, e.g. in small flats.

What dimensions should we pay attention to? 

When buying a corner sofa, remember that the basic function of this piece of furniture is to ensure comfortable rest. A corner sofa will be used not only by household members, but also guests, so it is worth choosing a universal model. However, you cannot forget about your own comfort – tall people should choose models with a suitably high seat and backrest. The dimensions of living room corner sofas vary, so you can freely adjust them to your needs. The width and depth of the seat should be taken into account, as well as the dimensions of the backrest and armrests.

Sleeping function in living room corner sofa

Many corner sofas are additionally equipped with a sleeping function and thus have a movable structure which unfolds into a bed. The sleeping surface depends on the size of the corner sofa, but it is often just as big, and sometimes even bigger, than a standard two-person bed. So which corner sofa bed for everyday sleeping should you choose? The best choice will be one which provides a comfortable amount of sleeping space for two people and additionally has a container for storing bed linen. In the case of a corner sofa used for daily sleeping, a reliable unfolding system and the weight of individual elements of the corner sofa are important – it should be as low as possible so that frequent unfolding of the furniture is not troublesome.

How to adjust the size of a corner unit to the size of a living room?

Choosing the right size of a corner sofa is very difficult. In addition to the individual dimensions of the piece of furniture, its location in the living room must also be taken into account. A corner sofa does not always have to be placed against a wall, although it is usually placed there. It can also be placed in the central point of the room – however, a corner sofa in the middle of the living room will only work in a spacious interior, where such an arrangement will not optically diminish the room and will not overwhelm it. The larger the living room, the larger the corner sofa can be chosen, bearing in mind at the same time, that the piece of furniture should leave space for free movement within its area and not block passageways in the flat, e.g. exit to the balcony.

Corner sofas for the living room – what style?

Dimensions and additional functions of a corner sofa are very important, however, apart from them the design of the furniture should also be taken into account. It should match the dominant style of the arrangement. If you choose an upholstered corner sofa, not only the colour of the upholstery, but also its texture and finish will be important. Leather corner sofas continue to be fashionable, however they only fit into a few design styles and look good mainly in large living rooms.

Corner sofa upholstery material

Comfortable corner sofas for the living room are characterised not only by their size adjusted to the needs of the household members, but also by the appropriate fabric. When considering what material to choose for a corner sofa, it is worth paying attention to the cleaning method and durability of individual fabrics. A good fabric for a corner sofa is resistant to fraying and abrasion. It can also be cleaned quickly and easily without the use of specialist detergents. If you choose a piece of furniture made of leather, you need to remember about its regular maintenance, which will keep the material in perfect condition for a long time.