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Bed Repairs

At Emmiera Group we know that the bed is an essential part of any household. It's the main part of the bedroom and needs to be in great condition to guarantee perfect dreams every night. Our technicians are fully trained to fix any type of bed from wooden to metal frames and from sofa to TV beds.

At our training centre we put all technicians through rigorous training and make sure any rough edges in their knowledge are completely sanded out, to ensure they are up to the standard you deserve. Our technicians are trained on a wide variety of beds we keep in our centre just for training purposes. They are able to repair any type of bed, from wooden frames to metal frames

Our technicians are also trained to educate customers about the tolerance of their mattress and it's expected durability, along with maintenance and care guidance. Each technician is provided with a settlement tolerance guide to help aid in the diagnosis of faulty and non-faulty mattress.

Technician is in the process of repairing the bed

What we fix

Bedroom after a furniture repair has been completed and cleaned

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