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Each technician submits his report detailing your repair almost immediately, after this our reports team will check over to ensure no details have been missed before its final submission. Your report will then be sent out within the next few days.

You can call our booking team on 01384 473000 to notify them you can't make your appointment anymore and they will help you to rebook it.

You will be given an email confirmation when your appointment is booked as well as an email and text reminder the day before and on the day, you will get regular text updates.

You can call us on 01384 473000 or you can fill in our contact form and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Emmiera Group aims to visit any and all customers within 5 working days of a visit request being added onto our system.

The time for a repair varies between jobs. Some repairs can be done within 30 minutes, some can take much longer. But as the majority of repairs take place in your home you won't have to go without your furniture in most cases. It will only be when damage is severe that we will need to take your furniture back to our workshop.

Wood veneer is a layer of wood grain that's glued to wood and has different properties. Veneer are usually used on fine dining room tables to add a new finish.

Emmiera Group is a nationwide furniture repair company covering the entire UK as well as Ireland.

If you're a retailer, manufacturer or a member of the commercial sector, you can use our contact form to submit an enquiry and our sales team will be in touch to provide more information.
If you're a member of the public, you do not need to open an account, our domestic team will keep you up to date on the information as well as providing you with any help you might need.

If you have forgotten your login details then please email either it@homeserverepairs.co.uk
or another member of the Emmiera Group IT department from your company email to reset them.

If you're having any trouble or problems with using our web portal, we have a hand user guide available for you. Just contact our I.T. team and they will be able to provide you with a copy and any further assistance you might need.

We do offer sofa reupholstery. We have a wide range of fabrics and leather for you to choose from for your sofa or chair. We can even use your own materials if you already have one you want.

If you already have a fabric or leather you already want to use, then you can supply it yourself and we will happily use it to give you your dream seats.

Pet damage is one of the many damage types Emmiera Group is able to fix. We can reupholster any upholstery and restore wooden furniture to its former glory.

Almost all furniture repairs carried out by Emmiera Group will be carried out in the comfort of your own home. Larger, more intricate, repairs may need to be uplifted back to our workshop but you will be notified before hand if this is the case.

Yes no matter the type of furniture, your old furniture can be restored back to its former glory or if you want a change of style, Emmiera Group can carry that out too thanks to our skilled technicians and wide variety of fabrics and leathers.

Yes, Emmiera Group can replace the foam as well as offering booster pads if you don't want completely new foams.

Emmiera Group now offer repairs as well as full servicing for mobility scooters.

Emmiera Group are able to repair and replace most damaged parts of mobility furniture including control boxes, motors and faulty mechanisms. find out more..

The two main causes of this are that your scooter's battery may have ran out or your scooter might have a power save mode or a sleep mode to help save battery life in these very instances. Try turning your scooter on and off again to take it out of power saving mode.

Always make sure that you fully charge the battery of your mobility scooter before you disconnect it and let the battery naturally drain while you're not using it. This will keep your battery from deteriorating at a rapid pace. You may still need to charge your battery when you reconnect it to your scooter.

You should recharge your scooter battery after every use to ensure you have full battery for the next time you are out and don't risk the battery dying while you're out. Some batteries should not be charged if they have more than 80% charge or have been charged within the last 24 hours however, your instructions should make this clear to you if it is the case. Please read the instructions supplied with your scooter and follow the manufacturers guidelines to ensure your battery lasts as long as possible.