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French Polishing

What is French Polishing?

French polishing is a wood finishing technique that protects the wood and brings out the natural beauty in the wood. Shellac is applied by hand using a rubbing pad. This process is repeated over and over so that you are left with a rich finish.

The wood is left for 24 hours to allow the polish to work into the wood, which results in a perfectly finished surface.

Shellac helps protect the wood and extend the life of your wooden furniture.

Replace your wooden furniture or get a French polish?

In most cases wooden furniture can be very expensive to replace, the most cost-effective way can be to get your wooden furniture French polished as it can be cheaper than buying new furniture.

Emmiera Group Technician upholstering a sofa in our dedicated workshop

Looking for a French Polishing near you?

If you are looking to get your wooden furniture looking like brand new again, look no further than Emmiera Group, the nation's number one furniture repair network.

Established in 2004, Emmiera Group achieved rapid growth by delivering a quality furniture repair service that was second to none. Our network of Nationwide Furniture Technicians allows us to provide full coverage of the UK & Ireland to provide you with a quick and convenient service.

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Wooden floor restoration

Overtime your floor will become worn and faded, we have a dedicated team of floor specialists that will sand down the floor with our state-of-the-art equipment that have dust extractors which will leave your premises virtually dust free and making the process faster as we minimise the tidy up time.

We have wide variety of oils, lacquers, and stains that give you the best option for matching your existing decor which will give you that beautiful and top-quality finish.

Technician Repairing the wooden table

Grain Filling

Grain filling is often used when there is an imperfection in the wood such as chips which can be then sanded and then filled in with a hard wax which will give you that smooth finish to the wood.

Our technicians are trained in all aspects of cosmetic and structural defects in wood.

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Why choose Emmiera Group?

Over 15 Years Experience
Established in 2004, Emmiera Group achieved rapid growth by delivering a quality furniture repair service that was second to none.
Nationwide Coverage
With over 150 technicians nationwide, Emmiera Group is the UK's largest furniture repair company.
Dedicated Service Staff
We also have over 30 call centre staff to ensure that all calls and enquiries are processed with the maximum efficiency.

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